a little thanksgiving prep.

been a little busy planning my thanksgiving menu…

still deciding what you want to cook? give the thanksgiving-erator a try and you might just find the recipe you were looking for this whole time. happy holidays!


god i love fall but why does it have to be so dang cold???

getting ready for 2013.

i don’t know what it is but i feel like 2013 is gonna be my year. a year of travel, adventure and new beginnings and to be completely honest: i’m totally ready for it.

how could i go wrong with one of rifle paper co.’s ‘cities’ calendar to keep me ever inspired and motivated??

a little baby bedroom.


we seem to be of the age where all our friends are in baby mode: the boy + i finding ourselves at a birthday dinner with a mommy-to-be as well as a newborn mommy, followed up by a family brunch where we were surrounded by babies galore.

and while babies are still a long way off for me (breathe, dad, breathe), i couldn’t help to think about what i consider one of the most important things: the baby bedroom.

who knows how i’ll feel when i’m actually prepping for a real baby but me thinks that i’ll opt for a gender neutral room that’s got a little piz-azz that can outlive just the baby phase just like this little nursery designed by morgan satterfield of the brick house. i mean seriously…look at the asymmetrical chevron wall, those fun garlands and that to die for vintage dresser! shoot…can this be my room??

olive box.

happy first of november!

as we come upon the holiday season, it occurred to me: i hardly ever ever send ‘just cause’ letters anymore.  the letters i write now are few + far between and have somehow been relegated to only thanksgiving/x-mas/new year’s time.

how pathetic, right?

well it made me wonder: have handwritten letters become a thing of the past ?

…not if olive box has anything to do with it!  with their monthly subscription packages, they are without a doubt making making the handwritten letter something to be excited about again!

i couldn’t be a happier camper right now.

parvez taj.

starting off tuesday with some to die for works by parvez taj, a california based artist who makes me feel like i’m in another world.

i’ve seriously died + gone to heaven.
are you swooning too? you better be.


apologies for the long + silent week.

our little family was hit hard with some sad news and it’s taken about a week to start coming out of hiding to face the real world again.

it’s been difficult re-adjusting especially when you get used to a routine + everywhere you look reminds you of a fond memory.  we’ll forever miss waking up with a little bundle of fur wrapped around our heads, being greeted at the door when we’d get home + playing fetch with a kitty who was always more like a little puppy.

it’s gonna take some time for it to fully sink in but we’re getting there. and having friends and family who understand such a loss has been immensely helpful + touching all at the same time. thanks for the love, guys. you’ve been the best.