the 1st ‘ten things’ for 2012.

1. half the time i go to anthropologie, it’s to admire the store displays. which is why i was thrilled to stumble upon ruthi auda‘s blog the other day and discover she’s one of the creators behind the magic.
2. polaboy: an illuminated image. via swissmiss.
3. inspiring visual resolutions. i like this one by travis ladue.
3. i’ve never been one of those girls interested in a big diamond ring. i want something unique and very me. i think something like this crystal ball ring might just be it.
4. so inspired by this outdoor planter wall.
5. dreaming of a trip to iceland. a graduation treat to myself?…fingers crossed.
6. gorgeous wood interior.
7. such a beauty. a girl could dream for days.
8. i’d follow this grassy trail for miles if it meant i could be in france right now. via the jealous curator.
10. not such a bad thing to remind yourself every now and again.

the first 2012 ‘ten things’! i better make this a good one! happy friday, all!

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